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This site was created by the WEBMASTER, to express all aspects of self, work, life, and environment on one platform. Detached from the modern internet and given an air of privacy. If you find yourself to be lost navigating the site take a look at the SITEMAP to gain your bearings again. If you find some of the ideas explored on the site to be too much, take a breather and a break. HOTLINES are here if you need them. Please check the legal documents linked at the footer of the page. Thank you so much for your interest, it is greatly appreciated.
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Q: Why isnt the ___ page working?
A: This site is still under construction as you read this. There is limited technology at the moment, which makes it quite hard to finish projects quickly. Hope you can understand this.

Q: Do you have any other social media?
A: No, kinda. All the content is hosted here. But there is a side Twitter account for general thoughts and stuff. It is private, for protecting my privacy but I allow people in If requested. This is my only social media account.

Q: Why is the site named "BOUNDTOEARTH"?.
A: The name represents a connection to the world and things around you. Everyone is bound to or with something.
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  • added the creation tabs
  • finished the layout, everything except creation tab pages. finishing the surrouding pages first.
  • added a poll. finished the index page. working on the newsletter and finishing the sidebar.
  • new layout and pallete. finishing the visual details, there are still some placeholders.
  • website created..